Linux管理员面试题 Linux面试题

<p>Linux管理员面试题 Linux面试题<br/>1. Advantages/disadvantages of script vs compiled program.<br/>2. Name a replacement for PHP/Perl/MySQL/Linux/Apache and show main differences.<br/>3. Why have you choosen such a combination of products?<br/>4. Differences between two last MySQL versions. Which one would you choose and when/why?<br/>5. Main differences between Apache 1.x and 2.x. Why is 2.x not so popular? Which one would you choose and when/why?<br/>6. Which Linux distros do you have experience with?<br/>7. Which distro you prefer? Why?<br/>8. Which tool would you use to update Debian / Slackware / RedHat / Mandrake / SuSE ?<br/>9. You’re asked to write an Apache module. What would you do?<br/>10. Which tool do you prefer for Apache log reports?<br/>11. Your portfolio. (even a PHP guest book may work well)<br/>12. What does ‘route’ command do?<br/>13. Differences between ipchains and iptables.<br/>14. What’s eth0, ppp0, wlan0, ttyS0, etc.<br/>15. What are different directories in / for?<br/>16. Partitioning scheme for new webserver. Why?</p>
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